DCC PLAY ► is a collection of media tools produced in-house to assist clients, innovators, entrepreneurs and other interested parties:

DCC Seminars - full length DCC seminars with a focus on changes, current issues and recent cases within the intellectual property legal landscape, both locally and internationally.

DCC Videos - Firm video and other DCC videos.

DCC Seminars

DCC Singapore welcomes Dan Altman of Knobbe Martens to discuss what constitutes patentable subject matter in the U.S.

DCC & AusBiotech co-host a discussion on the High Court's Myriad gene patent decision of October 2015.

DCC and Lee & Lee co-host a seminar on the implications of developments in inventive step law in Singapore.

DCC's Bill Pickering and Sam Mickan discuss the affect that three major US court cases have made to patentable subject matter in the US.

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